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The right staff found and inducted efficiently through HR automaton

Faff-free efficient recruitment processes may seem like a bit of a pipe dream, but automating or part-automating human resource processes makes sourcing and contracting new staff a smooth and efficient process. The art of talent acquisition can and should be helped along by automation technology. 

What does "smooth" look like? HR automation benefits

From first posting of the vacancy right up to onboarding the chosen candidate, you can oversee a part-automated recruitment process that works for you better than ever before. A digital scan/capture platform and some cleverly-programmed software robots takes care of much of the paper pushing and data gathering, documentation and procedure for you, saving your efforts for those crucial moments or decisions in the process which can only be accomplished via the human touch. By shortening the time taken to fill vacancies by automating data gathering and research, digital evolution in recruitment makes a massive difference to the HR function.

Welcome aboard

When the new hire arrives on their first day, RPA (robotic process automation) gets to show off some more and standardise induction excellence. Using RPA, the HR department puts itself in a position to oversee and report on every aspect of new starters' progress. Software robots in human resources can be programmed to tap into various applications and systems, internal or external, to monitor enrolment on induction programs and specific role training. All co-ordinated, reportable and accessible by approved staff. 

Ingest and Validate CVs from your desktop

Download the data sheet

Scan/capture is the first step in the process: ingest and validate CVs and other application documents arriving in paper or digital format. Here's a datasheet for the tech we'll be configuring for you.
Kofax Capture KTM Bundles datasheet

Why not oversee induction with RPA?

Get the brochure for ideas on RPA application

If there are web applications or internal systems to be consulted about the progress of your new starter(s), you don't need to stay late to obtain that management information. Set the RPA robots onto it and go home.

Data Capture Solutions RPA Brochure