Kofax Mobile Capture

Fast. Flexible. Accurate.

Accelerate customer onboarding and claims processes by allowing customers to use their smartphone cameras to scan documents and take pictures of evidence and ID. Kofax Mobile Capture extracts the data digitally and exports the information to your enterprise systems.


Benefits of Kofax Mobile Capture

Rapid Processing
  • Improve conversion rates.
  • Increase data accuracy.
  • Reduce manual intervention
Customer Experience
  • Accelerate customer service processes.
  • Boost your brand reputation.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
End-to-End Solution
  • Secure data handling.
  • Integrated identification process.
  • Deliver data to your enterprise systems.

Kofax Mobile Capture Features

Patented Image Processing Technology

With on-device OCR (optical character recognition), we turn smartphones into powerful data-gathering tools. A customer's smartphone can capture, extract and validate content from a wide range of images and documents.



Customers in Control

Using Mobile Capture allows your customers to complete a wide range of processes quickly and easily. By using their smartphone, you give customers flexibility and control – as well as a chance to accelerate the onboarding or claim process.

Powerful Data Tools

Kofax Mobile Capture gives you single-platform control of the ‘scan and capture’ process, as well as the data classification, extraction, validation, business rules and exception handling. This makes it ideal for onboarding customers, receiving payments and approving contracts.


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