Kofax Express

Digitise Your Documents

Transform the way you manage paper with Kofax Express. This batch-oriented scanning application can rapidly process, index and export documents for fast and easy retrieval. The Kofax patented VirtualReScan (VRS) technology ensures optimal image quality, reduces errors, and improves system effectiveness.


Benefits of Kofax Express

  • Increase adoption rates.
  • Ideal for beginners and experts.
  • Greater proportion of documents get digitised.
Fast Scan
  • Automatic extraction of index field.
  • Convert images to text with OCR.
  • Background export during scanning.
Advanced Features
  • Enhanced bar code reading.
  • Multiple ways to separate documents.
  • Compressed files deliver clear images.

Kofax Express Features

Simple Scanning for All Users

For less complex applications, Kofax Express provides a powerful way to turn documents into digital files that are easy to archive and retrieve. With its familiar Microsoft interface, Kofax Express is ideal for both beginners and advanced users, and is compatible with a variety of scanners, from simple flat beds to large batch scanners.


Powerful Scanning Tools

Kofax Express includes advanced tools to make archiving documents quick and easy. Images are compressed, files are exported in the background, documents are easy to rescan for any reason, and you can choose the most convenient way to separate documents. The enhanced bar code engine scans even scruffy or partially-obscured codes.

Extendable Technology

Out of the box, Kofax Express is a powerful batch-scanning application that can export data to multiple sources with just a click. But if your needs change over time, you can integrate other technologies, such as Kofax Capture - or develop bespoke connections with the included API.


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