Kofax Monitor

Monitor Your Road to  Success

You can save considerable staff time making sure your Kofax suite runs smoothly in complex processes.

While Business Process Management software deals with optimising the human side of your operations, Kofax Monitor handles their objective measurable outputs. And it does it without sacrificing usability. Make sure your knowledge is captured at the right time and is always available, with Kofax Monitor.


Benefits of Kofax Monitor

Inspire Stakeholder Confidence
  • Consistently deliver SLAs
  • Generate activity reports for measurable proof.
  • Objective compliance and service-level checking.
Analyse Operations Levels
  • Customise benchmarks and standards for evaluation.
  • Track capture app availability.
  • Track resource performance over time with historical data.
Reduce IT costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction via real-time management.
  • Improve service delivery with reports and timing benchmarks.
  • Solve problems proactively with automated detection and rules.

Kofax Monitor Features

System Health Assessments

Kofax Monitor enables you to access data displayed that is displayed in graphical dashboards. Technical and non-technical staff can quickly review a range of indicators on capture system health.

Coverage includes both system components and service viability and generates real-time data on operational throughput, including items such as module volume, batch volume and batch processing time with additional breakdowns.



Problem Diagnostics and Resolution

With Kofax Monitor, support staff receive concise error reports, allowing them to respond promptly and proactively with the required solution.

This can help reduce help desk call volumes and avoids unstructured troubleshooting approaches. In some cases, the Kofax Monitor software can resolve certain errors without the need for manual intervention using a set of predefined actions.

An Integrated User-Friendly Database

The graphical interface also makes it easy to setup your monitoring systems. Pre-defined and secure wizards mine for user events and application changes in the SQL or Oracle database.

This allows you to create more monitors or fine-tune the ones you already have via Monitor's visual interface. Monitor is connected via IIS, the Windows Web Server platform.


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