Kofax Insight

The Next Wave of Analytics

Measure how your gathered analytics refers to your business processes by using Kofax Insight. If you want to see how your process executions impact customer satisfaction, document costs and profitability, Kofax Insight will help you uncover the trail of actions leading to this.

You can determine how to mitigate procedural issues or achieve greater compliance with this easy to use software.


Benefits of Kofax Insight

Acquire Process Intelligence
  • See process flows across different functional departments.
  • Compare, group and focus your analysis.
  • Target impact-measuring towards your customer, employee and profit experience.
Share and Collaborate
  • Insights accessible to any department or line-of-business..
  • Analytics tailored to each decisionmaker's needs.
  • Can be accessed across different devices.
Better Decision-making
  • Get visualisations and analyses of all processes.
  • Make fact-based decisions backed by data.
  • Create resolutions before issues negatively impact your customer base.

Kofax Insight Features

Intuitive Dashboards

Kofax Insight has a graphical user interface that relies visualisation, not code. It has a variety of views from which you can pull customised reports, alerts, and delivery of multiple data type and is accessible across device-types, and different departments. Senior managers can access insights on their mobile while another can enter through their network desktop. Pure collaboration.



Governable Data

Kofax Insight organises and displays data pulled from a variety of sources and then places the insights into their relevant process flows. For geographically dispersed enterprises, you can now see how your operational processes flows between your multiple systems. Take your analytics to a higher level.

Native MetricsMart

Metricsmart is Kofax Insight's enterprise metadata library. Codeless analytics becomes possible. Kofax Insight's single-platform approach makes it unnecessary to wait for IT to build a proprietary data model, data mart or data warehouse. MetricsMart ensures more security and quickens decison-making so that resolutions can be made on schedule.


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