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Achieve Operational Excellence

Managing paper documents is the kind of work your brightest minds could do without.

Kofax Capture is a powerful solution that automates document handling processes such as data entry, document classification, validation and routing to recipients.


Benefits of Leveraging Analytics in Kofax Software

Make Your Staff Visible
  • Highlight the most productive members of your team.
  • Analyse the number of keystrokes per document type.
  • Identify the activity duration of your staff members.
Manage Processing Performance
  • Monitor amount of documents processes straight through.
  • Identify problems in document classification.
  • Use analytics to find new streams of revenue.
Improve Cost-Control and CX
  • View the audit trail of every action performed.
  • Identify costs of all document-based processes.
  • View activity costs as percentage of overall job.

Analytics Features Found in Kofax

Web-based Analytics Dashboards

Kofax Analytics dasboards gives you real-time analytics, not just historical data.

And since it's web-accessible, you don't have to worry about being without information. Plus additional fast decision aids allow you to see what happens if you decide to change a procedure. This can make your decisions more strategic and optimise your current resources.

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Kofax Analytics provides granular insight on timeliness, data accuracy, and operational performance on-the-fly. You can customise +100 prebuilt reports from over 100 records without IT intervention.

The contextual dashboards make high-level data analytics accessible even to your non-technical workers. Users are able to filter by batch class and document type and can also adjust their own database queries with a single click.

A Marriage of Kofax Products

Kofax Analytics gives diagnostics and visibility for Kofax Capture, Kofax Mobile Capture, Kofax Transformation, Kofax TotalAgility and Kofax Robotic Process Automation.

Monitor your Kofax product performance from one process point to another. Re-strategise and reconfigure your intelligent capture all the way to your business intell.


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