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No matter where you are in your digital journey, we can provide the tools and know-how on integrating and/or hosting automation software. Explore your options and take the leap into modern transformation.


Empower your people to automate. Transform your workforce with business process automation.

DCS takes an incremental approach that allows you to quickly prove value with a single project, build competency and skills and only then extend your journey across the organisation.

Where Can You Start?

Intelligent Document Capture

The first step to transformation is capturing your data efficiently. Discover our paper and screen readable data-extraction and validation software. Ensure that your data processing can be met smoothly, be it a one-off project or ongoing requirements.

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Document and Records Management

See how you can leverage our products to your organisation's own file plan structure. Electronic document management software with add-on audit modules and browser-based user interfaces, enable you to experience benefits quickly and effectively. 

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Process Automation and Robotics

Our business process automation software helps your managers and analysts test and inspect your workflows. Or see how system agnostic Kofax robotic process automation can achieve "simultaneous gains" in business processes with minimal IT limitations.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Uncover how BI and analytics software provides process visibility by collecting all of your data in one space. With automated insight gathering, you can empower your employees by delivering data for timely analysis. Create a more responsive workforce.

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