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This page lists some of the feedback we have had from our clients about our business information solutions and services
  • HR Solutions - Client Quotes

    "With FileStore HR we have set up an employee HR web portal quickly and easily. Content is extracted from our existing MS Word documents, Oracle database, and ERP system and then automatically pushed out to new formatted web pages with no involvement required from our IT team at all."

    "We have estimated that in the first year alone DCS's FileStore HR solution has saved us over £150,000 in administration costs alone."

    "DCS scanned all 3,000 of our employee files and uploaded them to their FileStore HR solution in only 2 weeks."

  • Invoice Processing Solution

    "Working closely with DCS has enabled us to implement a straightforward solution which is easy to work and maintain. As well as helping us, realize cost savings it has enabled our staff to focus and add value in important areas of the business by taking away the previous heavily manual process."

  • Digital Mailroom Solutions

    Not only did the mailroom solution offer accessibility and flexibility to manage documents across six remote sites but one of the key features - easy keyword search within pdf documents helps priortise processing.


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