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Be your suppliers' heroes

Promptly paid invoices make you popular with your suppliers. Dare we say it, it can also make you outstanding in their eyes sometimes, particularly when in some cases they rely on prompt payment for the survival of their business. 
How do you ensure that invoices progress smoothly and efficiently from receipt to settlement? By implementing a scanning system that learns and from the invoices you send through it for future recognition of the layouts. In this way your regular suppliers' invoices get processed faster - with often only the authorisation of payment requiring any human action.

Light touches invoice processing

Minimal human intervention is our aim for AP departments. By connecting the invoice scanning system directly to your payment systems, it takes little more than a few mouse clicks to deal with each invoice. Indexed electronic images of each invoice can be automatically stored/archived in an easy-search document library. A competent audit trail is assured and your suppliers are confident in you as a purchaser.

Payment Practices Reporting:
the 'other' compliance timebomb that everyone's forgotten

If your organisation meets two or all three of the following conditions:


  £36m turnover

accepted  £18m balance sheet

accepted  250+ employees

...and you don't know what Payment Practices Reporting involves, you absolutely need to read this article right now. It concerns a mandatory regulation that is already upon us - and enforced from October 2017.