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Workflow Automation

Take the best practice approach to automating document based workflows


UK's largest property management company reduces document processing cost by 50%.

Don't know where to start with workflow automation?

Manual business process are inefficient, expensive and increase business risk. With DCS document workflow automation solutions, you can process more information coming from multiple channels with minimal human intervention. Our solutions have proven to save cost and time when applied to most common operational processes such invoice processing, claims management, sales order processing, account opening, customer service, expense and leave management.

Gain Visibility and Control over Document Driven Processes

DCS's qualified process experts can audit your existing processes and design a roadmap for you to achieve your efficiency goals. We also help you implement the best combination of scanning, capture and automation solutions to keep your investments to the minimum and return maximum efficiency gains. Switching to automated document processing offers:

  • Most efficient way to meet you operational goals and reduce errors and exceptions arising due to manual work.
  • Faster and more efficient business processes. Workflow automation typically reduces the cost of manual processes by 20-30%.
  • Complete visibility of each transaction with dedicated reporting and dashboards module which can be customised for users.
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance as each transaction has a full audit trail.
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