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Sales Order Processing

Automatically capture and process multi-channel sales orders through a single stream

Multichannel sales orders through a single process

Data Capture Solutions can help you to handle your sales order processing quickly and accurately through a single managed stream, regardless of whether they arrive by web, fax, post, mobile phone or email.

How does it work?

Order data is extracted and validated from all orders in all incoming channels, and processed according to your business rules. DCS capture and management systems are closely integrated with your CRM and sales processing systems and manageable workflows are created so the whole system can be monitored live.


  • Revenue cycle is sped up
  • Satisfied customers retained and repeat business
  • Multichannel, disparate processes harnessed together into one
  • Real-time tracking dashboards enable visibility of the whole process
  • Automation of many procedures lowers the cost of order processing.

Our sales order processing solutions integrate some or all of the following with your existing systems: records management (FileStore EDM), business process management (FileStore BPM), automated routing of documents (MailManager) and document capture technology (Kofax Capture).

An outsourced order processing solution enhances a mail ordering service


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