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SaaS vs. Installed Software

Automating your Claims Processing – Options and Pricing

If you accept that automated claim processing will help you achieve significant cost and efficiency benefits, but are concerned about the upfront capital outlay, UK based DCS Ltd offer you a range of flexible charging options for implementation.

Outsourced claim processing

Outsourcing your claims processing operation to DCS as a fully managed service enables you to convert fixed staff and equipment overheads into variable per transaction charges such as “per claim”. We will set up a dedicated PO Box address to receive new claims at our ISO 27001 accredited UK service centre, perform high volume claim form scanning and capture and route captured claim data direct to your staff, systems or processes. The capturing process can also be applied to any other claim submission channel including fax, email or web form, ensuring that all channels are converted to the same process-ready electronic document format.

Hosted SaaS claim processing solution

Using our hosted or SaaS (Software as a Service) claim processing solution, your captured claim data are uploaded to a secure web based repository on our cloud servers. Your claim team can then access the captured claim forms via a simple web browser interface no matter where they are located. DCS cloud-based claims processing solution helps you avoid additional investment in IT infrastructure. Instead, charges are made by licensing per user, or on a simple per transaction or per claim basis.

Automated claim processing installed on-premise

DCS can install a complete automated claims processing solution at your premises using the traditional up front capital expenditure model. DCS’s claims processing solutions can be easily integrated with most CRM and line of business systems. For further details about systems integration see: automated claim processing software integration.

Summary of different charging options available for claim processing

  • Per claim
  • Per transaction
  • Per user
  • Traditional capital purchase
  • Lease agreement

To discuss which implementation option best suits your business needs please talk to one of our business consultants on 01753 616720 or fill in the contact form to receive more information about our claims management solutions.

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