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Records Disposition

Manage large volumes of records efficiently from declaration to disposition

Achieve tight control over records disposition

Automated workflows bring greater control to electronic records disposition. By leveraging workflows to achieve better compliance and reduce administrative effort, records managers can also control costs and increase process efficiency and productivity.

The records management solution from UK based DCS Ltd enables organisations to work with records in electronic document format. This means time-consuming and inefficient paper handling processes are eliminated at the outset, while easy integration with other electronic systems enables greater levels of automated processing, for example when disposition procedures require retrieval of date information from an HR or other business system.

Automating repetitive processing for standard records disposition

There is an immediate advantage to be gained by automating the processing of all records with straight-forward, time-based retention and disposition requirements. This means you can set up workflow rules to execute bulk actions such as automated transfer to disposition review folders or disposition archives, automated flagging for review and automated destruction procedures following review, all with little or no manual intervention required.

Developing a records management policy for ISO 15489

Improving records disposition compliance with greater automation

For records management systems built around frameworks such as ISO 15489, MoReq and DIRKS, as well as industry-specific standards, DCS electronic records management software offers tangible benefits in managing compliance. With easy to implement automated workflow rules, records management systems become less reliant on individual staff knowledge and availability.

Kofax software classifies records as they enter FileStore records management library according to retention and disposition details. The software will then generate automated notifications when records are eligible for entry into the disposition process. Before proceeding with review, transfer or other disposition actions the software will request confirmation from authorised administrators and log progress.

For each record, the DCS record management software maintains a full audit log. The audit log will include details about any action taken on the record, who authorised the action, who carried it out and when. This process allows disposition records to be created for all destroyed or archived records.


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