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Pay Per Invoice

Convert Fixed Overheads to Pay-on-Demand Invoice Processing Costs

If you are convinced about the cost savings and efficiency gains you can achieve with automated invoice processing, but concerned about the upfront capital outlay, DCS offers you a range of flexible charging options.

Outsourced invoice processing

Outsourcing your invoice processing operation to DCS as a fully managed service enables you to convert fixed staff and equipment overheads into variable per transaction charges such as “per invoice”. We can arrange to receive invoices from all your suppliers via a dedicated PO Box address, perform invoice scanning, capture and route the captured invoice data to your staff, systems or processes. For more details, see our Outsourced Purchase to Payment Services or read the case study to find out how one of the largest companies in the world benefits by outsourcing invoice processing to DCS.

Hosted invoice processing solution - SaaS / Cloud

Using our hosted invoice processing solution, your captured invoice data are uploaded to a secure web based repository on our cloud servers. Your staff can then access the captured invoices via a simple web browser interface no matter where they are located. With a DCS cloud-based invoice processing solution, you avoid having to make any additional investment in IT infrastructure and charges are made by licensing per user, or on a simple per transaction or per invoice basis. Cloud based solutions give you the extra advantage of providing information access to staff in multiple locations at a low cost.

On-premise installed automated invoice processing

DCS can provide the consultancy and services to help you install a complete automated invoice processing or full purchase to payment solution at your premises. DCS’s purchase to payment solutions can be integrated with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, JDE and CODA.

Different charging options available for invoice processing

  • Per invoice
  • Per transaction
  • Per user
  • Traditional capital purchase
  • Lease agreement

What are the cost benefits of invoice automation?

If you have questions about the cost benefits of invoice imaging and processing solutions, why not speak to one of our consultants on 01753 616720 or complete our contact form for a fast tailored response.

DCS automated processing of over 120,000 invoices for ARI Fleet UK. Watch the video testimonial.

Savills reduces processing costs with an Outsourced Invoice Processing and secure storage solution


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