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Order Systems Integration

Automatically capture and process multi-channel sales orders through a single stream

Integrating with Sales Order Systems

In most companies, a sales order moves across various systems on its journey from receipt to delivery and payment. Sales and marketing teams access order information from systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Sage or other CRM systems, while operations teams access the order information from ERP system like SAP or Oracle or other line of business systems.

Track orders online from receipt to delivery

With the sales order processing solutions from DCS, all incoming orders and related information can be centralised ensuring accurate information is available to disparate systems.

Data Capture Solutions use best-in-class data capture technology from Kofax to capture order information from media channels such as fax, phone, post, SMS and web forms and converts it to a standard digital format. Our sales order processing solutions integrate with all widely used CRM or ERP systems, and we can route orders directly into your line of business applications with little or no manual intervention.

Benefits of integrating our sales order management software with your line of business applications include:

  • Standardising data across business systems to ensure the same, most up-to-date information is available for all users irrespective of which business unit they belong to and which system they are accessing order information from
  •  Reducing the cost of manually re-keying data into various systems
  • Improving the accuracy of order information by reducing errors such as incorrectly entered line items
  • Tracking the status of orders across systems online and identifying bottlenecks
  • Image enabling legacy line of business systems to remove paper documents from the order workflow, resulting in a smooth and streamlined order process.

Meet operational efficiency targets and reduce mail room costs.

An outsourced order processing solution enhances a mail ordering service


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