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Invoice Matching and Reconciliation

Invoice matching and reconciliation with DCS invoice processing software

Even a conservative cost per invoice calculation will show you how much you can save by automating your invoice processes. A key element in cutting invoice processing costs is reducing the number of exceptions by automating invoice matching and reconciliation. Using DCS invoice processing software, your accounts payable departments can significantly reduce time-consuming, error-prone manual invoice matching tasks resulting in faster approvals and a higher number of invoices being processed straight through (STP) to payments. Invoice automation software from DCS is customisable to match your invoice workflow.

More workflow benefits for invoice matching and invoice reconciliation

DCS invoice processing workflows empower accounts payable departments to meet wide-ranging requirements:

  • Check the status of an invoice at any stage
  • Identify invoice processing bottlenecks quickly
  • Obtain granular reporting, tracking or KPI information via management dashboards
  • Multi-site purchase order creation
  • Multi-site invoice receipt and capture
  • Multi-site approvals

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2-way invoice matching

Invoice scanning and capture firstly extracts information such as supplier name, purchase order number and invoice amount. A workflow then automatically applies rule based matching of captured invoices to purchase orders in your ERP database without any manual intervention.

Different workflow rules can be implemented for different purchase order classes such as pre-approved purchase orders, contract based purchase orders or multi-purchase order invoices. Depending on the results, the invoice will automatically enter the right workflow for coding, approval and payment. In the event of discrepancies or unmatched invoices, an exception handling workflow is triggered routing invoices to the appropriate query handler.

3-way invoice matching

DCS has also helped companies set up 3-way invoice reconciliation with matching against both purchase order and goods received note (GRN). This process essentially involves the additional stage of GRN scanning, capture, data extraction and storage.

Further multi-way invoice matching options can be implemented incorporating other documentation such as inspection lists and itemised bills. The invoice information is reconciled with these documents and unmatched invoices are routed in exception workflow for quick resolution.

"You can save upto 75% from invoice processing costs with Accounts Payable automation"

What is the most efficient way to process an invoice?

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