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Invoice Manager

Scan. Capture. Manage - simply scan and archive invoices for easy retrieval.

Can you find invoice number XX12785?

How easy is it for you or a colleague in the accounts team to find a specific invoice, in case queried by a supplier or an auditor? If invoices are archived in paper format it is very difficult and time consuming to search through paper files to find the right invoice. Sometimes invoices are stored in the wrong file due to human error and it becomes impossible to find where it has been filed. Invoice Manager is a simple answer to these challenges.


Easy archiving with Invoice Manager

Invoice Manager is a modular solution that helps you scan, capture and store invoices as they arrive into your organisation. Searching for invoices by invoice number, supplier name, total amount, date the invoice was received or any other information on the invoice is as easy as a google search - just type in the criteria of the invoices and the invoice image is retrieved in seconds.

Benefits for Accounts Payable:

  • Easy to store, share and retrieve invoices. 
  • Retreive invoices in seconds to answer auditor or supplier queries.
  • Helps in preparing reports for the new payment practice guidelines set out by HMRC
  • Free up office space used to store paper invoices
  • Provide remote access to invoices



Key Features of Invoice Manager:

  • It's modular - As the tagline suggests you can chose to scan, index and manage your invoices digitally or choose any one or multiple modules of the solution. You could use an existing MFD to scan, capture information from invoices and archive invoices to retrieve later.
  • It has a default audit trail which reduces efforts required towards compliance.
  • You can choose to install the software on your server or select a hosted option.
  • Human assisted automation - it remembers the location of data extracted from the previous document and therefore allows automatic indexing of subsequent invoices from the same supplier, thereby reducing the manual indexing task significantly.


For more complex invoice management and workflow solutions please refer to our invoice automation solutions.

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