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HR Document Management

Reduce paperwork, maximise space and protect your employees’ data with a streamlined HR Document Management.

Implement Electronic HR Document Management

HR software is often weak in the area of document management which is a good reason to augment it with DCS HR document management, thereby protecting you from unreasonable costs associated with the life cycles of employee file management and Data Protection requirements.

Employee services must take into account several requirements when capturing new documents into staff records. These include visibility, accessibility, and the accommodation of subsequent updates. Our HR document management solutions take care of all this as well as the matter of digitising and organising existing HR files.

Empower HR professionals to manage employee documents effectively.

Case Study: New Look benefits from centralised HR document management

How DCS can help address HR challenges?

FileStore is a secure employee document management solution, accessed by simple web-browser interface to a text/keyword searchable store. This is fed by a scanning and capture platform so that documents become part of the correct employee file as soon as it enters the business.


  • Compliant to full ISO15489 and ISO27001 standards as well as the Data Protection Act and BIP0008
  • Paper employee files eliminated thereby creating space
  • Complete visibility of documents, identify missing documents or ones to update
  • Better control over access, especially when using an employee portal
  • Reduced risk of errors and legal costs
  • Reduced admin, filing, copying and archiving costs


Our HR/Employee file management solutions are available on an outsourced, hosted or installed basis, using Kofax Capture for invoice scanning and FileStore EDM technology for access and storage.

Case Study: Securitas save office space by converting legacy employee files to digital records.

DCS helps one of UK's largest retailers centralise management of employee records across 650 stores. 

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