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Hosted & Outsourced Options

Automatically capture and process multi-channel sales orders through a single stream

SaaS Sales Order Processing Software 

With flexible implementation options from DCS, you can considerably reduce the cost of order processing and fulfilment. With our sales order automation solutions you can choose to pay a more manageable “per order” cost and still enjoy the benefits of an automated sales order process.

Many of our clients prefer to outsource their sales order processing to benefit from a "per order" payment plan with the flexibility to ramp up or down according to their business needs and seasonal demands. 

Available implementation options

Outsourced sales order processing

DCS can receive order forms on your behalf by post, email, fax or any other format and return extracted order information to your mailbox, ERP, CRM or other business systems. DCS is one of the largest scanning bureaus in the UK, with ISO certified document management procedures. 
Outsourcing your sales order collection, scanning and capture to us gives you the flexibility of ramping up during peak demand cycles such as the Christmas period without investing in any IT infrastructure. With the outsourced implementation model you only pay per order.

Cloud based or hosted sales order processing solution

You can avoid any upfront implementation costs with a hosted sales order processing solution and still benefit from the savings achieved by shifting from paper-based processing to automated order management. Using a web-based platform, you can enable your customers to submit paper or email sales orders online, monitor the progress of an order from receipt to fulfilment and automatically create a sales transaction in your back end accounting system, CRM or ERP. 
A hosted document management system has the additional benefit of being accessible from any location using a standard browser interface, so even a mobile sales force can access sales orders on the move. 

On-premise installed order management system

DCS can help you install an automated sales order processing solution in-house to process sales orders coming from any channel or location. Our FileStore document management software records all incoming order information and, with an easy-to-use Visio-based tool, you can design and automate the order approval workflow.

An outsourced order processing solution enhances a mail ordering service


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