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Protect Employee Data

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Data Protection of HR records

Implementing your data protection policy through electronic records management software

According to the Data Protection Act all employee data need to be processed fairly and lawfully and no employee information can be retained beyond the stipulated duration. With electronic document management solutions from DCS, this can be achieved automatically. FileStore - Data Capture Solutions’s award winning document management software forms a secure digital repository for all your HR documents and gives managers the power to tightly control and monitor information access.

How does FileStore help comply with data protection guidelines?

A secure information management system

All documents with confidential and personal employee information such as bank account details, CV’s, P45’s, P60’s or confidential email correspondence can be stored in FileStore with limited user access.

Address subject access requests

Under the Data Protection Act, subject access requests should be addressed in 40 calendar days and inability to retrieve the required information could lead to huge fines. With an electronic records management system, required information can be retrieved in minutes.

Maintain secure access and control

An HR records management system allows you to authorise user control, ensuring the security of documents.

Standardise procedures for processing personal data

Enforcing standard procedures for processing sensitive employee information is made easier with a records management system, as it helps track all employee communications and related documents for audit purposes.

Alert management

Automated alerts can be set to remind HR staff or records managers of due audit dates and ensure that all records are up to date and no records are stored beyond their retention life time. Employees can also be alerted to update documents such as certificates or visas before expiry.

Getting ready for audits

A complete audit trail ensures your HR staff is always prepared for an inspection or legal enquiry.

Compliance and data security are core to all our solutions and services, and we can help you comply with regulations like the Data Protection Act without any additional investment required in compliance systems. To know more our HR solutions talk to one of our business consultants today on 01753 616720 or email your enquiry to

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