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Electronic Document Management

Improving searchability is one of the key drivers of implementing document management

Convert documents to actionable information

Different companies have different drivers for implementing document management systems - improving operational efficiency, faster searching of information, ease of sharing documents with distributed teams, reducing business risk, meeting compliance standards or clearing out office space. DCS's document management software addresses all above requirements by helping you to capture, manage, share, store and retrieve documents, giving you complete control of the company's information assets. 

What differentiates DCS's document management solution?

  • DCS electronic document management software - FileStore has been awarded "The Best Document Management Product" and has been tested and approved by the UK government's centre of national infrastructure.
  • DCS is one of the few UK companies that provide end-to-end document management solutions including scanning and capture services, electronic document management software, document process automation, analytics and consultation.
  • We ensure you get the best returns from existing technology investments by providing integration services so document images and data extracted can be accessed through back-end systems.
  • You also have the flexibility to choose the implementation method that suits your business needs - hosted, installed or use as service.

Searching documents is as simple as a keyword search 

Some of the key features of the solution have been highlighted below:

  • Document version control and complete audit trail. Each document transaction is recorded so you can see who opened, edited or forwarded the documents.
  • Electronic documents can be annotated and forwarded in business work queues. 
  • Web based access to documents so globally distributed teams can access information from anywhere with secure access. 
  • Document Image previews and line item views. 
  • Simple keyword based search functionality.
  • Powerful workflow automation component to automate simple workflows or complex document processes.

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