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Document Scanning Software

Trust the best-in-class software for document scanning and capture.

Document Scanning Software

Selecting document scanning software to digitise your business documents

Digitising your business documents is an excellent way to maximise their value as information assets. It also lays the foundations for improving business process efficiency, but which document scanning software should you use?

Best in class document scanning software

Having installed a large number of scanning and capture systems, DCS have gained in-depth knowledge of industry-leading Kofax document scanning software. More importantly, we use this software in our own document scanning service. This has given us ample opportunity to put Kofax to the test in a live environment.

Some of the features we rate highly in Kofax Capture document scanning software include:

  • Captures documents from paper, email, network folders, smartphones, tablet PCs, MFD’s, print streams, web forms.
  • Works with virtually all scanners.
  • Can be scaled from single user to enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Fully network deployable with options to provide thin client access.
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Ease-of-use and automation

  • Browser based and uses a similar user interface to Microsoft Office applications.
  • Find your way quickly and intuitively which minimises training and maximises productivity.

Batch and production scanning

  • Ability to perform batch scanning
  • Kofax Capture users can manage batches with ease and make changes to page order, even while the batch is being scanned.

Maximum productivity

  • A key factor influencing scanning productivity is scanned image correction with problem documents with areas of poor legibility.
  • Tight integration with Kofax Virtual ReScan image perfection technology
  • Automates many manual correction processes

This not only means operators spend less time making manual corrections, but as excellent results are delivered first time, the need to stop the process to rescan pages is virtually eliminated.


DCS relies on Kofax to enable document driven processes and drive efficiency.


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