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Digital Mailroom

Get business-critical information into your processes faster with digital mailroom automation



Is Your Mailroom Overloaded?

The key to mail room efficiency is converting paper into digital documents and automating onward processing of critical mail items. DCS mail room solutions allow you to centrally capture, route and process mail items by merging all incoming information into a single mail handling process.

Mailroom Automation & Digital Processing Video

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Data Capture Solutions helps Shared service centre of Research Councils to streamline processing of incoming documents through their mailroom. The centre processes about 2 million documents per annum across different sites.
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Why choose DCS for automating your mailroom?

We have vast experience of providing mail room solutions to some of the largest companies in the world such as ExxonMobil, Natural England, Bentley Motors and we differentiate ourselves by providing an end-to-end mail management solution including:

  • Opening, sorting of incoming mail
  • Outsourced mail collection and processing
  • Scanning and capture of high value mail items
  • Data extraction using industry leading Kofax software
  • Ability to process email, attachments and mobile channels for incoming information
  • Process automation for dependent business workflows.


DCS is part of the Neopost group who are leaders in providing mail room equipment and solutions. That completes our portfolio of mailroom solutions and services.

Watch the video here to see how you can automate the processing of incoming mail right from opening letters to passing data into your back-end systems.

Benefits of Digital Mailroom

  • Reduce the cost of implementation by choosing a method that suits your business needs best
  • We can set up hardware and software to process mail items on premises, alternatively you can outsource your mailroom to the experts
  • Consolidate all incoming mail from different channels and distributed offices to achieve common processes and systems globally


We are part of Neopost

Data Capture Solutions is part of the Neopost family which allows us to provide you complete mail room solutions including solutions for managing outbound mail and hardware such as folder inserters, franking machines, letter openers and envelope printers. To read more about the complete range of solutions offered by Neopost please click here.


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