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Compliance Solutions

Solutions that simply administration of compliance policies and ensures adherence.

Easy to Administer Compliance Solutions

DCS has plenty of experience in ensuring that clients’ records management and workflow follow best practice and legislation guidelines and can help you achieve full compliance with ISO15489, BIP10008, BASEL II, ANSI, Data Protection Act and other standards requirements. We can analyse your current records management system and advise you on the best ways to meet your specific requirements.

Implement compliance procedures

DCS provides a solution which tracks high volumes of records effectively through their lifecycle, enables secure storage and rapid retrieval and manages retention requirements, minimising business risk.


  • Reduces the risk of the company being fined for non-compliance
  • Reduces the likelihood of legal action against the company
  • Eliminates information leaks and unauthorised access
  • Full audit trails automatically maintained on document actions
  • Automatic preparation for compliance audits
  • Loss and errors in manual filing are eliminated.

DCS’s combines expertise in records management, understanding of industry standards/guidelines and business process automation. A typical deployment of our solution entails FileStore EDM and BPM, along with Kofax technology.

If you  feel you are at risk of non-compliance and want to take action to avoid fines or legal issues, call one of our business consultants today on 01753 616720 or mail your enquiry to  or request a call back.

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