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Coding Invoices

Simplify Invoice Coding

Invoice coding has traditionally been a complex, manual process which causes delays in invoice processing and adds to the cost per invoice.

DCS automated processing of over 120,000 invoices for ARI Fleet UK. Watch the video testimonial.

Savills reduces processing costs with an Outsourced Invoice Processing and secure storage solution

Invoice coding with DCS invoice processing software

DCS web based purchase to pay software is designed to make purchase order and invoice coding easier and faster. Following invoice scanning and capture, nominal, departmental, business unit or other coding can be applied to invoices at header or line item level. A major benefit compared with coding paper invoices is that coding rules can be built into an automated workflow, reducing reliance on individual staff coding knowledge.

DCS invoice processing software allows you to set up standard codes and enforce their usage across all organisation processes. You can automate creation of complex invoice codes based on different criteria such as coding per line item, departments, suppliers or coding as per invoice stage in the payment process. The software also automates routing of invoices into different business workflows based on their codes.

With the DCS web based platform, accounts payable departments can:

  • Automate coding of purchase order (PO) referenced invoices, recurring invoices and other straight-forward invoice types and route automatically to the right approver
  • Automate distribution of non-PO invoices to users for electronic coding wherever they are located
  • Store cost centre and general ledger (GL) code information for online access and online searching by authorised staff
  • Set up automatic alerts and reminders to action missing codes promptly
  • Generate management reports based on invoice coding to identify bottlenecks and review other invoice processing performance data

Hosted and outsourced invoice processing

DCS can help you avoid up front capital expenditure in automating invoice processing by taking advantage of DCS hosted or fully outsourced invoice processing options. See our outsourced purchase to pay services page for more details, or speak to one of our consultants.

What is the cost of invoice processing with DCS?

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