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Automated Purchase To Pay

Automated Purchase to Pay Solutions

Automated purchase to pay (P2P) solutions from DCS help refine purchase to pay operations by seamlessly connecting the entire process from procurement to final payment. DCS’s purchase to pay solutions eliminates the need for paper invoices and the need for manual keying of information, enhancing the visibility and efficiency of your purchase to pay process.

Why Choose DCS’s purchase to pay solutions?

Automated P2P solutions from DCS are accessible through a simple web browser interface which means any team member with an internet connection can easily and securely access invoices and other related invoice information.

DCS’s P2P solutions can be integrated with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems including SAP, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, JDE and CODA to provide an in-house installed solution.

Alternatively, P2P solutions can be hosted by us and accessed from any site or we can provide a fully outsourced service. By fully outsourcing the service your finance team won’t have to deal with the invoice process as we will handle it and then feed clean data back directly into your ERP system ready for your next payment run.

Our clients include ExxonMobil, which is the world’s largest company, and we receive and process over 10,000 invoices a month on the company’s behalf and update invoice information in their accounting database.

How it Works

Whatever ERP systems you currently use, we can integrate the following software with them to give you a flexible and secure P2P solution.

  • FileStore EDM - Your team can access digital financial documents in an instant by using FileStore EDM which can be installed onsite or used as a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution at a low cost per invoice charge.
  • FileStore BPM - FileStore BPM allows up to five-way matching capability which means your supplier invoices can automatically be matched to purchase orders and goods received notes (GRNs). FileStore BPM’s cost coding engine applies cost centre and/or department accounting codes automatically to transactions. Further, FileStore BPM forms the routing and approval engine which processes transactions which can’t be automatically matched and routes them to the appropriate people for approval.
  • Kofax Software – Kofax software allows your invoices to be captured from paper, email, PDF or e-invoice format automatically before being matched to suppliers GRNs and purchase orders. Kofax software also extracts and validates both header and line item data automatically, greatly reducing clerical effort and improving accuracy.

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ExxonMobil outsource European invoice receipt to DCS for instant access via the web


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