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Accounts Payable software

Reduce cost and boost productivity of your accounts payable function

Award winning software for accounts payable

Data Capture Solutions has helped companies like Savills, Irwell Valley Housing Association, ExxonMobil and many others across different sectors to reduce the cost of operations of their accounts payable function and boost productivity significantly.

Save up to 50% of cost of accounts payable operations

We offer software solutions that help:

  • Scan, capture and validate invoices as they enter your organisation.
  • Advance recognition of invoices by supplier or invoice type or department codes.
  • Automate matching of invoices against purchase orders and goods received notes.
  • Automate routing of invoices through the approval and payment workflow, notifying people of any exceptions if raised.
  •  Automatically update back-end accounting applications or ERP systems with most recent information and digital copies of invoices.

With the software for accounts payable from DCS, manual, error-prone processes can be replaced by automated, transparent and audit-able processes. Most of our clients have managed to achieve straight through processing of over 80% of their invoices to payments and increased the speed of resolving exceptions. Other benefits of the software for accounts payable include:

  • Reduced cycle times: Fewer exceptions and faster processing enables prompt payments and improves relations with suppliers.
  • Improved productivity: Accounts payable staff waste less time on paperwork and answering phone calls and answering queries around payments. This results in improved productivity and increased efficiency.
  • Better Cash Flow: A clear visibility of the payment process allows finance and accounts professional to estimate and better manage cash flows.
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ExxonMobil outsource European invoice receipt to DCS for instant access via the web

Savills reduces processing costs with an Outsourced Invoice Processing and secure storage solution

DCS automated processing of over 120,000 invoices for ARI Fleet UK. Watch the video testimonial.


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