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Move to an E-Invoicing solution that meets your business needs

If your accounts payable solution is no longer fit for purpose you may be considering your options. Data Capture Solutions help to transform every day business processes with automation, and a key area we specialise in is accounts payable solutions. We work with a range of businesses to deliver bespoke electronic invoicing solutions, so whether you need to upgrade from manual invoicing to automatic e-invoicing, are looking at outsourced invoice scanning options, or are interested in AP online or cloud invoicing solutions, we can help.

Common business challenges with payment processes

When we talk to our customers about their current accounts payable systems, the main challenges we often hear about are associated with things such as: disorganised filing & compliance risks, wasted resource time, lengthy approval processes & delays, high cost of invoice processing and issues with multiple formats and decentralised receipt. 

DCS experts and invoicing solutions will help you to:

  • Keep your business finances in control
  • Save valuable time
  • Implement standardised invoicing procedures
  • Support business continuity planning
  • Improve efficiency, with workflow and cost centre integration

The AP solutions we offer are wide ranging and bespoke to your requirements, with all implementation and configuration done in house:

  • Cloud based and online invoicing automation
  • On premise automated invoicing
  • Hosted electronic invoicing solutions
  • Outsourced invoicing scanning solutions


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