FGA Capital Outsourced Postroom - Case Study

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FGA Capital UK Ltd is a company specialising in financial services for the purchase of Fiat Group Automobiles motor vehicles and other prestigious brands. FGA offers financial and insurance services for the respective car manufacturers, dealers, fleet owners and individual customers.

The Challenge

FGA receives a steady influx of documents, letters and cheques pertaining to vehicle ownership across all their brands. They wanted to outsource the handling and digitisation of this inbound post in order to speed it up.

The Solution

DCS set up dedicated PO Boxes purchase to receive the mail items. Upon each post delivery, the client’s mail is separated and counted, opened and classified by work queue, marking the separator sheets (used to keep different envelope contents apart) to record any identifiable agreement numbers. The documents are scanned in batches to create PDF images, which are then provided back to FGA Capital within an agreed folder structure via a secure FTP site. The hard copies of documents are securely destroyed after 60 days from data return (certification provided).

Cheques undergo a similar but separate process, and are then banked each day by DCS on behalf of FGA Capital.

Management information of the outsourced processing is provided on a monthly basis. Download the full FGA Capital case study here

DCS Outsourced Postroom

Data Capture Solutions (DCS) provide a wide range of information management software and outsourced service solutions targeted at improving your businesses effectiveness and efficiency, saving you both time and money.

DCS’s outsourced postroom solutions make it possible for companies to receive actionable information without having to handle the physical documents, which speeds up response times and improves service.

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