ABA Research Case Study - Customer Survey Forms Processing

ABA Research

ABA Research are specialists in customer satisfaction indices, brand tracking and market segmentation. They deliver retail research projects and analysis for a wide variety of clients, allowing them to plan for short and long-term business success.

The Challenge

ABA are not typically involved with paper surveys but one of their clients, a global airline, collects around 10,000 from customers each month. Without the resources to manually process these, ABA engaged DCS as an outsource partner to take care of it.

The Solution

ABA and DCS arranged for the hand-completed surveys to be redirected to the DCS scanning bureau, where they are now scanned. Data is extracted from them and organised into xls/csv files for delivery back to ABA who can then get on with their statistical analysis.

More than half a million airline customer survey forms have been processed for ABA so far. The service helps them save on unnecessary staff time and cost. Download the full ABA Research case study here

DCS Outsourced Survey Processing

Data Capture Solutions (DCS) provide a wide range of information management software and outsourced service solutions targeted at improving your businesses effectiveness and efficiency, saving you both time and money.

DCS’s outsourced postroom solutions make it possible for companies to receive actionable information without having to handle the physical documents, which speeds up response times and improves service.

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