Automated Mailroom Solutions

Automated mailroom solutions allow you to capture, route and process important information as soon as it enters your business with a single information handling process. Your key mail items are digitised, classified by type and then content is automatically extracted. Work items can then be routed, prioritised and escalated automatically based on your business rules so your teams quickly receive relevant and prioritised information.

Why Automate Your Mailroom?

Automated mailroom solutions eliminate the cost and time delay associated with traditional paper routing by ensuring mailroom processes are efficient, transactions are visible and your entire document workflow is audited.

DCS have helped hundreds of companies to automate their mailrooms. We can analyse your existing processes and advise on whether an in-house installed system or an outsourced service would be the best solution for you. If you choose to outsource your mailroom processes we will set up a PO Box for you and make any specific arrangements with Royal Mail, Hayes DX or other service providers including fax or email servers.

How it Works

DCS use Kofax Capture document scanning software along with our award-winning software solutions FileStore EDM and FileStore BPM to automate the classification and extraction of all incoming mail.

  • FileStore EDM - Access mail items in an instant by using FileStore EDM which can be installed onsite or accessed as a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) at a low cost charge ‘per mail item’ or ‘per person’. New mail is notified by email or SMS and it can then be viewed and actioned via a web browser or mobile device.
  • FileStore BPM -FileStore BPM automates the workflow of documents, making distributing, tracking and managing transaction information a seamless and secure process.
  • Kofax Software – Kofax Capture scans your incoming mail and integrates multi functional devices (MFDs), faxes, emails and other information into a common digital receiving process. Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) software can then be used to automatically classify documents and extract business content ready for ongoing automated processing.

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