Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Solutions

DCS can closely examine your records management system for compliance gapsIt is vital that businesses follow correct procedures and best practice guidelines to ensure they operate in accordance with regulations, laws, best practice standards and contract obligations.

Implementing compliance procedures made easy

The need to implement properly managed compliance procedures involves a considerable cost but where compliance procedures are not consistently adhered to, organisations become vulnerable to the risk of fines and costs of non-compliance increase.

DCS can analyse your current records management system and determine the gaps between existing systems and any regulations or standards you need to comply with.  We have helped many public and private sector organisations comply with industry regulations like Data Protection Act, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO 15489 and FSA regulations by enforcing procedures and policies through our document management solutions and reduce the cost of compliance. 

How it works

Business processes generate high volumes of document records which need to be retained for several years and DCS provides a solution which tracks records effectively through their lifecycle, enables secure storage and rapid retrieval and manages retention requirements, minimising business risk.

Our solutions are currently in use by banks, central government agencies, law firms and large corporations, helping them to minimise risk and cut the cost of compliance. The compliance solutions from DCS can help you put in place policies and procedures to comply with regulations such as:

Legal requirements – Mandatory for all organisations. Includes HMRC records, the Data Protection Act, Freedom of Information and health and safety records.

Industry legislation – Mandatory for companies who are members of particular organisations and need to maintain membership or certification to carry on trading.

Industry best practice – Enables companies to demonstrate they operate to independently set quality standards such as ISO, ANSI or British Standards.

Internal compliance – Ensures all team members are aware of business processes and standards and understand how to use and follow them.

DCS can help you to assess your compliance risks and provide solutions to minimise themCorporate governance laws – Corporate governance is a board level responsibility which requires business systems to monitor all activities and processes and action to be taken when policies are not followed.

Risk management – Includes all procedures, measures and systems put in place to monitor and control threats to a company.

Are you at risk of being fined for non-compliance? Call one of our business consultants today on 01753 616720 to discuss regulatory requirements and how they impact your business operations. Alternatively, mail your enquiry to to request a call back.

DCS clients can rely on the evidential weight of their electronic documents

Developing a records management policy for ISO 15489